Here you will find an overview of our repair services

Software re-Installation

If your computer is working slower and slower and has a lot of unnecessary files on it, then it is wise to have your computer reinstalled.

We install the operating program, drivers and, of course, if necessary, we back up your most important files.

Software Upgrades

Do you need to work with the latest operating system, a new security software or office software or is your current license (almost) expired ?

We can take care of this for you.

Virus removal

Is your computer slower than usual or unable to start your computer at all?

If so, chances are your computer is infected with a virus.

Because some viruses try to retrieve personal information, it is a necessity that you have these viruses removed as soon as possible.

We can make sure your computer is virus free again.

Hardware Upgrades

Is your computer older and struggling to open multiple programs at the same time?

If so, an upgrade can often help bring your computer back up to par. you can then, for example;

expand the memory
have an SSD installed (these are many times faster and more stable)
upgrading to a new computer

We can advise you on this and ensure that you can return to stable work.

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